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Choosing birth control does not mean having to live with side effects. We are here to provide personalized recommendations based on your body and life choices. 

Did you know that the right birth control method can help you with…

This is an essential combination of doctor consultations, lab tests and screenings to ensure you’re looking at every single aspect of your health closely for the coming months.

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What To Expect?

1: Doctor consultations
  • Consult experts across gynaecology, nutrition, mental health and dermatology
  • All our experts are judgement-free and empathetic to ensure you feel heard without any fear
2: Full Body Check-Up
  • Look for early signs and symptoms in order to start your preventative healthcare journey
  • Our full body check-up is designed exclusively for women, by women
3: Thermal Mammogram
  • Check for early signs of the most common cancer in Indian women – breast cancer
  • Unlike traditional screenings, our thermal mammogram is comfortable and non-invasive
4: Follow Up Consultations
  • Discuss your test reports and your screening results in details with experts
  • We ensure you have full support to complete your recommended follow up care properly

A Proactive care

Frequently asked questions

You are eligible for an MTP if you are up to 7 weeks pregnant and wish to have an abortion. However, in some cases MTP may not be the right choice for you, for example if you have an ectopic pregnancy, bleeding disorders, allergies, among others. Our gynaecologist will support you in understanding your options.

  • If you are more than 7 weeks pregnant, you may run a risk of injury and long term side effects if you choose to get an MTP
  • In the case that you are more than 7 weeks pregnant and/or the gynaecologist does not recommend an MTP due to safety concerns, you can also go for the Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure where the gynaecologist removes the tissues from inside the uterus.
  • While MTP is among the safest procedures to terminate early pregnancies, as with any medical interventions, there may be some risks involved. These include (non-exhaustive): continuous heavy bleeding, infection, an allergic reaction to the medicine, or an incomplete abortion. During your consultation our gynaecologist will share these risks as well as support you on the right steps to take if you face any of these concerns. 
  • For an MTP to be successful, you will need to take the prescribed medicine at the proper dosage and times. It is important that the medication is taken on the gynaecologist’s recommendation only.

Proactive’s MTP kit has been developed to provide holistic support. It consists of the following:

  • Unlimited gynaecologist check-ins for consistent support through your abortion journey
  • Pills required to induce the abortion
  • Ultrasound scans before and after the process to ensure both eligibility and complete termination of pregnancy
  • Blood tests to check your vitals before and after the process

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant after an MTP. Our positive, judgement-free gynaecologists can also advise you about various contraception methods if you wish to avoid getting pregnant in the near future.

Yes, a gynaecologist consult is necessary when getting an MTP at Proactive for Her. It is important for our gynaecologist to first examine you and make sure you qualify for an MTP procedure.

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