Breast Cancer is the
most common form of cancer among Indian women.
Early detection and timely treatment can help save lives.
Only for ₹2000/-
What is Thermal Breast Cancer Screening?
Thermal Breast Cancer Screening or Thermal Mammograms are an innovative solution for early-stage Breast Cancer Screening. They produce thermal images showing patterns of heat on or near the surface of the body to help detect malignant breast lesions.
Thermalytix is a US FDA-approved Thermal Breast Cancer Screening Solution that uses Advanced Machine Learning technology and Thermal Imaging for screening.
Key Features of Thermal Breast Cancer Screening:


no touching or compression

No radiation

safe for repeated use

99% accuracy

detects changes in breasts with dense tissue and implants

How does it work?
Frequently Asked Questions

All menstruators irrespective of age or density of the breasts are recommended to screen annually for Breast Cancer.
It is highly recommended for those that have a history of cancer in the family.

Avoid getting a Thermal Mammogram if you are menstruating as your body temperature tends to be higher when you are on your periods.

Thermalytix Thermal Breast Cancer Screening solution is completely safe for both pregnant and lactating women.

The Thermalytix engine determines areas of high thermal activity from captured thermal images using relative temperature thresholding to identify “Hot Spots”. These hot spots, warm spots, and vascular patterns are further analyzed to generate quantitative scores that signify the probability of a malignant breast lesion.

Traditional mammography is an invasive procedure that involves exposure to low levels of radiation, making it slightly harmful and uncomfortable for repeated use.
Thermal mammograms on the other hand are non-invasive and non-contact with zero exposure to harmful radiation making them completely safe for repeated use.
Thermal mammograms are ideal for early-stage detection and for annual screenings, especially for those that want to be proactive about their health.
In case malignant breast lesions are detected during the thermal mammogram, one is advised to then get traditional mammography to confirm the same.

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