Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer among Indian women
Early detection and timely treatment can help save lives.
Get your Thermal Mammogram today!
Only for ₹2000/-
What is Thermalytix?
Thermalytix is a Thermal Breast Cancer Screening Solution by NIRAMAI
Computer-aided diagnostic software medical device that combines Artificial Intelligence and Thermal Imaging 
Helps identify malignant breast lesions
Used for non-invasive risk assessment for early-stage detection of Breast Cancer
US FDA approved
How is Thermography different from traditional Mammography?
No Contact 
No breast compression 
No radiation exposure 
Safe for repeated use 
Detects dense breast tissues and implants
Involves compressing breasts
Exposure to low level radiation
Not recommended for frequent testing
Less accurate for dense breast tissue or implants
Who should take the Thermal Mammogram?


All menstruators irrespective of age, colour, race or density of breast.


If you have history of cancer in the family.


Completely safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Watch this video to know more about the process…