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With 10+ options and no one size fits all, choosing birth control can be confusing! We are here to make this easy for you with recommendations that suit your body and life choices.

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Why Choose Us?

Did you know the right birth control method can help with:

Preventing pregnancy
Treating acne
Skipping periods
Period pains
Heavy periods
Mood changes
Menstrual headaches

What are the types of birth control?

What does our assessment include?

Scientifically backed health assessment:
Understand the birth control options available to you, through a doctor-developed health assessment and symptom analysis tool
Comprehensive blood test analysis:
Understand your current hormonal levels through a blood test to determine compatibility for different birth control recommendations
Gynaecologist consultation:
Speak with judgement-free and experienced gynaecologists to discuss your options and finalise the right birth control for you

Why Proactive For Her?

The right birth control starts by asking the right question. We are here to help you choose the best option based on your body. Our care is:
Our consultations and recommendations completely take into account your preferences and comfort.
Our consultations and recommendations completely take into account your preferences and comfort.
Our gynaecologists are non-judgemental in their approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions
All birth control methods involve some side effects efforts and/or minor risks depending on your current, past, and family health conditions. The birth control counselling package at Proactive for Her includes an assessment form and blood tests that help us create a personalized birth control recommendation best suited for you depending on your health risks, lifestyle, and comfort.
  • CBC
  • Creatinine Serum
  • Liver profile: GGTP Gamma GT Serum
  • Liver profile: SGOT AST Serum
  • Liver profile: SGPT ALT Serum
  • Prothrombin Time (PT)
  • RBS
Hormonal methods like injections, implants, or pills can slightly delay fertility, but women can quickly conceive if they choose to.
The birth control options we offer include oral birth control pills, an intrauterine system (IUS), intrauterine devices (IUD), condoms, injections, female condoms, diaphragm and the contraceptive implant.
Hormonal birth control can affect every person differently. While weight gain is known to be a common side effect of using birth control, every woman experiences different symptoms. As part of the Proactive For Her’s Birth Control Counselling assessment, we will ask you about your health risks, and priorities to give the best birth control recommendation.
Whether or not you get your period depends on the method of birth control you have chosen. If you use an IUD, pills, or a vaginal ring as your birth control method, then you should get your period every month. Hormonal birth control methods like injection can alter your menstrual cycle and result in skipped periods.
Yes, IUDs and implants need to be replaced just like prescriptions need to be refilled. However, IUDs and implants are feasible birth control methods for women looking to not give birth for a long period of time. IUDs typically need to be replaced after around 8 years. Implants typically need to be replaced after around 3 years.
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