At-home Food Intolerance Test

Your bloating, indigestion, and headaches might be due to a food intolerance.
Find the root cause of your food sensitivities
Receive a tailored diet plan based on your test results
Eliminate your symptoms and improve well-being

What’s included?

Intolerance Test
A blood test covering 200+ foods including dairy, fruits, nuts, vegetables, cereals, meat and more
2 Nutritionist Consultations
Get a personalized diet plan tailored to your test results. Eat better to feel better.

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it works?
Select a convenient date and time for the blood test
Get your samples collected from home
Receive an easy to understand smart report within 3-4 days
Consult our nutritionist to get a detailed diet plan based on your test results

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Frequently asked questions.

Our food intolerance test includes 200+ foods, including a comprehensive set of dairy products, fruits, nuts, vegetables, cereals and more. For a detailed list of foods, feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp.

If you feel like you have certain symptoms that may be related to food, eg: uneasiness after meals, bloating, nausea, headaches/indigestion after consuming certain foods, this test is for you. We cover an extensive range of foods that could potentially trigger such a response in your body.

Our nutritionist will 1) give you a personalised meal plan, 2) suggest substitutions for foods you love and don’t want to give up, and 3) help you interpret your report and make smarter food choices. Eliminating an entire food group may not be necessary if one has a food intolerance, and our nutritionist can help you figure out what the right balance for you is!

This is a test that helps measure your body’s immune response to certain foods. A higher than normal IgG reactivity could indicate a possibility that your symptoms could be caused by a specific food. The test will categorise foods into “elevated”, “borderline” and “normal” based on the antibody reaction that was detected. Our nutritionist can then work with you to tailor a diet plan for you accordingly.

A food allergy affects the immune system, where even a small amount of that food triggers a range of severe symptoms, which can even be life threatening in some cases. A food intolerance, on the other hand, usually only affects the digestive system and causes less serious symptoms (eg: lactose intolerance).

Food intolerances are more common than we think. For example, it is estimated that upto 68% of the world population could have some degree of lactose intolerance.

If your gut is sensitive to certain foods, you may experience symptoms such as belly pain, nausea, gas, headaches, heartburn etc.

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