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30-hour in-depth training program curated specially for Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists

150+ Women
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Why Choose Us?

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is an incredibly distressing condition that many women in our country have been grappling with. Those affected face pain/discomfort/burning sensation during vaginal penetration resulting in immense emotional distress, loss of hope, sexual intimacy, parenthood, and eventually couples tend to separate in many cases.
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Why consider getting trained in Vaginismus?

With Vaginismus receiving recognition as an actual sexual dysfunction only now, most experts have received little to no training in treating this condition effectively. This is a wonderful chance for you to sharpen your skills in healing Vaginismus. Proactive For Her has curated a unique & effective
The program is designed and led by Dr. Taru Jindal, MS (Obs & Gyn), who herself struggled and overcame 7 years of this painful condition with her husband, Dr. Dharav Shah.

What’s in it for you?

Learn the transformational “4 Step Protocol of Healing Vaginismus” from the experts themselves
30-hour in-depth Training Program
Exposure to trauma therapy, couple therapy and1:1 psycho-therapy


Either of these qualifications
BA/BSc, MA/MSc Psychology
MD, DPM Psychiatry
MPhil Psychology
PhD Psychology
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The Vaginismus Healing Protocol taught in this program is proprietary to Dr. Taru Jindal. Trained candidates will be granted permission to use the protocol in their own practice.

Meet the Trainers

Dr. Taru Jindal

MS (Obs & Gyn)
Vaginismus Program Lead

Dr. Neha Gupta

MD (Psychiatry)

Subhangini Tiwari

MPhil. (Clinical Psychology)

Dr. Dharav Shah

MD (Psychiatry)


Pleasure Coach & Sexuality Educator

Priya Prabhakaran

Yoga, Movement, Consent & Embodied Listening

Pallavi Malshe

Dance/Movement Therapy Practitioner & Dancer
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